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Engineering And

Preparation of feasibility study and detail design preparation for different civil work projects like water works, Roads, Bridge, irrigation & drainage, sewerage works, buildings, etc
The above services also encompass new projects and rehabilitation/expansion projects. Feasibility study includes but not limited to Hydrological and Hydraulic data analysis, geological and subsurface conditions, route selection and economic analysis on initial investment, return of investment, etc. Detailed designs include architectural designs, structural design, geometric and pavement design, sanitary/water supply designs, electro mechanical designs and preparation of Bill of quantity, specification and engineer’s estimate. Qualified and Experienced Professionals are assigned both in permanent and freelance bases in accordance with the nature of an assignment.

Project Management
Supervision &
Contract Administration

Management of civil work construction projects requires an integrated knowledge of engineering and management skills tingled together. We administer Construction contract and supervise civil works.
Standardized procedures and norms are well developed through long years of service which would make every step and decision transparent and standardized. Records are kept in an organized manner for future reference. Electronic copies are generated for all projects under our service and kept in servers for cases of loss of data in hard copies. This would make the information system more flexible and comfortable to users. We work with experienced and qualified construction management professionals only to ascertain quality of services.

Claim Prevention &

In construction, perhaps more than in any other industry, an ounce of prevention is worth well more than a pound of cure. Despite all out efforts, claims may be unavoidable. In fact, the preparation and negotiation of claims has become an industry with in an industry.
Prevention and handling of claims require basic knowledge of the multitude of laws and their application, which govern the industry. As the laws governing the industry has become as complex as the industry, our firm gives due attention to construction law. To this effect, our firm works with lawyers who have practiced construction law. In partnership with the lawyers, our company provides the following services: - Workshop and training on 'Basic Construction Law' - Claim preparation and negotiation; and - Representation of different actors of the industry.


Standardized Quality Management system that sets and implements internationally accepted standards and that implements the same and continually improve the system for a better outcome sets the road for success.
We provide consultancy service for the implementation, follow up and continuous improvement of quality management systems for consultants and Construction companies. We give trainings and consultancy services by working with the best and internationally accredited professionals. ..

Technology and &
Inovation corner

We continuously assess and evaluate the applicability, affordability and success rates of innovations, new technological approaches and traditional norms in the construction industry.
We promote the implementation and application of carefully selected products/services in order to improve quality of works and services. Our management takes the responsibility in respective applications of innovative products/ services by taking due care not to compromise ethical standards and by strictly following all other regulatory and statuary requirements outlined by relevant public and private authorities. Our selected partners in different areas of application closely work with us for any further innovative works, demonstration of products/ services in carefully selected trial sections and research interventions. This arrangement is not intended to promote sales of products/ services but promotion of technology that would ease burdens of workmanship and improve quality of works within reasonable range of costs. Please have a click to look to our potential partners. .