Project Information

Sanitary landfills of six Trenches complete with Leachate and Runoff Disposal System, access road, additional facility buildings of Recycling shades, guarage and  administration lock.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Design that include pre-treatment units (filters & detention tanks), Primary treatment units (Primary clarifiers) and secondary treatment units (Trickling filters), tertiary Treatment units (sludge digesters and engineering wetlands)


Gondar City Administration, Urban Development & Construction Department


Design approved / supervision and contract administration stars soon.


Sole Consultant


Water & Waste Water, Infrastructure

Scope Of Services

Earthwork & Embankment design

Road design

Underdrain design

Leachate conveyance and collection System

Bill of Quantity and Engineer’s estimate

photo_2020-09-03 10.20.09
Landfill Model
Landfill Design Model
photo_2020-08-21 19.54.10
photo_2020-09-03 10.18.54