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TAHB Engineering & Consultants is a locally estabilished private limited company in 2011 .


About TAHB

TAHB Engineering & Consultants is a locally owned private limited company established in 2011 which is engaged in rendering engineering solutions to our customers.
We provide design services for Buildings and Towers, Bridges and Road structures, Water Supply, Sewerage, Irrigation and Drainage facilities. We also provide Construction Supervision and Construction Contract management services for all infrastructure contracts with specialized services of prevention and handling of claims.


Our Quality Policy

We provide highly professional, affordable, modern and environmentally friendly engineering solutions to our customers. We guarantee timely delivery of services with great care and accountability to our customers by implementing ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.
Our Services are monitored and evaluated in integration with our core processes. Risks and opportunities are identified; mitigation mechanisms and strategies are set. We continually strive to improve our services by utilizing and maintaining our organizational Knowledge.


Our Vision

We strongly believe that Our strategic direction leads us to become one of the best 100 Engineering Consulting firms in Africa by the year 2030.


The web Service

In addition to the business services, we intend to use this website as a platform to encourage discussions in areas of engineering and construction. Any professional is invited to share his/her ideas through our blogs. Please subscribe yourself to send your comments/views/ opinions so as to enrich noble ideas and to inspire ourselves.
Tenahun Mekonnen, General Manager
(PPSTSN/029, Msc. Str.Eng, Bsc.San. Eng)

Tenahun Mekonnen

General manager & lead consultant

Fasil Tadesse Yaie

consultant and attorney at law

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